"Nevertheless, the Lardo of Colonnata is delicious.  You can savour it, placing a thin slice of it on a piece of bread, accompanied by fresh tomatoes and onions, or by tasting it as a main ingredient in recipes for dishes prepared in the finest restaurants, worldwide."  This is how various gourmet chefs, journalists, and gastronomical experts have reported, on the ever growing fame of the Lardo.

It's history, the position and climate of the village, the marble and it's quarries, the expertise and the secular tradition of it's inhabitants, have contibuted in giving us a grastronomical product with a unique taste which melts in one's mouth, offering us the rich fragrance of the senses with a mild taste which can almost be decribed as sweet to the palate.

Derived from cuts of Italian pork, which are never inferior to 3 centimetres (depending on the type of cut), it hides in the preparation and in the seasoning, the secrets of it's excellence.

The classic and unique container for the curation of the Lardo is the Conca di Marmo, a type of tub made of marble from the Canaloni quarries of Colonnata.  It has a particular porosity which is an indispensable factor for the seasoning of this product.

After having rubbed fresh garlic along the inner walls of the tub, a bed of natural salt grains is laid out where the pieces of Lardo are placed on, making certain to press firmly so as not to leave even the tiniest space between one piece and another.  It is then covered in salt, fresh garlic, rosemary, ground black pepper and other spices.  This procedure is repeated after the laying of every layer, until the tub is filled.  Finally the tub is sealed with a slab of marble.

The curing process lasts no less than a period of six months and due to the Lardo's extensive contact with the salt, an aromatic liquid called salamoia is thus created.


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